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Aug 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >>> and steve know strasburg faces's bump in his road back to the majors. >>> and first, an introduce that is sure to raise eyebrows. michael vic tells gq magazine he didn't want to come to philadelphia after getting released two years ago and it was nothing to smile about. make you -- he rejuvenated his career with the eagles in cincinnati and buffalo.  >> good evening, ohmdave feldman. the nats and reds complete a three-game series. one guy who put himself on the map is the 1st baseman. he speaks softly and has a big stick. dave ross is live at nats park with more on from mr. moss. hi, filly. >> reporter: yes; baseball is a game of numbers. if you want them, michael morris has them. 71 rbis, 21 home runs and a batting average of .322, the third best in the entire national league and house has he done it? in a word, confident. he has the first and played in left feed and that is what adam laroach went down. 42 career home runs, half of those this year and that confidence made all of the difference, something i talked with michael about means ago. >> and get an evident player. and k
Aug 31, 2011 6:00pm EDT
was unable to continue to pursue a metal. bummer. >> good afternoon. back in 2002, steve spurrier's first season with the skins, the old ball coach kept the quarterback inside the beltway until the end. he waited until the final preseason game was over to declare shane matthews the starting quarterback over danny werfle, both gator, fyi. same scenario for beck and rex. we know that landry starts at safety and if -- that is a big if. they played the first three sea -- preseason games without him. he won't play tomorrow night against tampa. if he's not ready for the season opener september 11th against the giants, guys like dowdy will have to step up. >> that is in the out of pressure. that is why i signed back. exactly the scenario they signed me back for to play special teams to start if i need you and i am comfortable in both safety positions and have gotten more reps in camp and i feel ready to go yo and that is why reid is here, chris is here and that is a good combination. >> steven strasburg is set to make his season debut and when the dodgers come and scheduled to start on republica
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2